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8 Cleaning Mistakes

8 Cleaning Mistakes

1. Spraying surfaces and furniture directly

You may be one of the many homeowners thinking that it is best to spray cleaning products directly onto different surfaces and furniture. However, this cleaning method makes your job harder since this creates a build-up of the solution, and this in turn can lead to greasy surfaces.

Instead, you must spray the cleaning solution directly onto a cloth and wipe this over the dirty surfaces. By doing so, stains and marks will be prevented, making cleaning easy and requiring less product.

2. Scrubbing carpet liquid spills immediately

Despite how careful you are, you may spill coffee, red wine, and other liquids on your carpet every now and then. Also, your pet may accidentally urinate over it.
When this happens, your first move would normally be to scrub the spills immediately. But if you do this, the carpet fibers will become untwisted and the pile will get distorted, resulting in permanent damage.

Instead of scrubbing, you must get a paper towel and blot the spill immediately until it gets dry or until the towel can no longer attract color from it. Otherwise, you must treat your carpet with a stain remover or perhaps have it professionally cleaned to get it back to its original condition.

3. Not using gloves when cleaning

The human skin is absorbent, meaning that it is capable of soaking up different substances that come into contact with it. Even when you are using natural cleaning solutions, your hands and skin can dry out. So you must always wear a pair of rubber gloves each time you do home cleaning chores.

The rubber gloves will act as a durable barrier between your skin and the environment that is full of bacteria, germs, and harmful substances. In fact, this is the best way to protect your skin while keeping your abode tidy and healthy.

4. Cleaning your chopping board with a liquid detergent

Dishwashing liquid does a great job of cleaning greasy pans and pots, but this cleaning solution is not effective in terms of cleaning your chopping boards. Why? It’s because it is not capable of killing the harmful bacteria from raw meat. In turn, this poses a risk to your health.

Our experienced maids here at Matic Services recommend soaking your chopping board in bleach after every use to stop the risk of bacteria or germ transfer.

5. Cleaning areas of your home in the wrong order

It may sound obvious that you should not clean from the ground up, but you might be doing this unintentionally. For instance, you may start sweeping and mopping the floors even before dusting or wiping the furniture. If you do this, you will end up cleaning the floors once again because the dust and crumbs from the furniture and other surfaces will fall to your floor you had just cleaned.

As such, you must always remind yourself to clean each room in your house from top to the bottom. Start from the ceilings and windows, down to the counters and tables, couches and chairs, and end with the floor.

6. Neglecting to clean the vacuum

The vacuum is an essential cleaning tool, but if you do not replace or clean its filter on a regular basis, it won’t be able to pick up as much dirt and dust as it should. Also, the dirt will just be blown back to your carpet, or worse, into the air.

So make sure to empty the vacuum bag or change the vacuum filter once it becomes full or inefficient. Furthermore, wipe the hose, vent and other vacuum attachments with a moist paper towel or a damp clean cloth.

7. Dusting your entire home with feather dusters or dry rags

When it comes to cleaning hard-to-reach areas in your house, feather dusters can be of great help. But instead of totally getting rid of dust, these will just transfer the dirt from one surface or place to another. The same is true with dry rags.

Instead of using feather dusters or dry rags, you must use a microfiber cloth. This cleaning material can pick up dust more efficiently.

8. Cleaning the windows on a warm, sunny day

When the sun is up, you may feel inspired to clean your house, but cleaning your windows on a warm, sunny day is not highly advised. This is because glass cleaners can dry up rapidly, which results in streaks on your window panes. Also, the cleaning product can accumulate.

To achieve the gleaming glass you have in mind, you should clean your windows only when the skies are cloudy or dark. You can then make use of a microfiber cloth for faster drying.

Home cleaning is not an easy job. It requires proper knowledge and technique so as not to put your time, efforts and money to waste